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Model returns to County Show after 74 years

We are excited by the find of two of our collections care volunteers, while cleaning our model Humphries threshing machine, in preparation for it to be displayed on the Wheels of Time stand at the Kent County Show.

They discovered a label showing it had been exhibited at the Show 74 years ago, just a month after being completed by apprentices at Stanhay.

Do you know anybody that was employed at Stanhay in 1949-50, especially if they were involved in building it or have photos of the Stanhay stand at the County Show in 1950.

We are also seeking information about the model Field Marshall tractor that is with it. Was that also built by apprentices? or was it a display piece supplied by Marshall & Sons.

And a plea to any vehicle modellers: the Field Marshal has lost one of its tyres; do you know where we could find a replacement? The wheel rim is 83mm diameter and tyre 150mm diameter.

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