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About Us

Ashford Borough Museum Society

Ashford Museum is operated by the Ashford Borough Museum Society, a registered charity comprised entirely of volunteers. The Museum is managed by a Committee overseen by Trustees. The Committee and Trustees are elected by and report to members at an Annual General Meeting.

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The building in which the Museum is housed was erected and endowed by Sir Norton Knatchbull of Mersham-le-Hatch in 1635 and continued as the Ashford Grammar School, apart for an interval of ten years, until a new school was opened in 1881.

It has since been restored with many of the original features of a 17th Century schoolroom remaining, including the old master's and usher's seats, the niches in the Walls for books and the Wainscoting carved with graffiti of former pupils.

Museum building

History of museum

The Museum started with talks by local interested parties towards the late 1980's.

Charles Oliver arranged a meeting which included the local archaeological society to see if there was enough interest. A small show of mostly photographs was arranged in the Wilks Hall and attracted over 500 visitors during the weekend.

Charles then arranged a meeting which concluded that there was a need for a Museum in the town as this was one of the few areas in Kent without any form of outlet for local history.

The Wilks Hall became available soon after when the Museum opened under Charles' chairmanship.



Ashford Museum is accredited by the Arts Council for England.

The Accreditation Scheme sets out nationally-agreed standards, which inspire the confidence of the public and funding and governing bodies. It enables museums to assess their current performance, as well as supporting them to plan and develop their services.

Heritage Compass

We are proud to be a Heritage Compass Organisation.

Heritage Compass is supporting our volunteers to develop essential skills in business planning, audience development, leadership and change management, with the aim of creating a better connected, informed and resilient organisation.

Wheels of Time

Ashford Museum is the lead partner in Wheels of Time, a badge collecting scheme encouraging the exploration of 53 Kent museums and heritage sites and is now a member of the Wheels of Time E-badge scheme.  Read more ...

Kent Children's University

Ashford Museum is an approved “Public Learning Destination” for Kent Children’s University™.  Read more ...

Ashford Museum On-line Resources

Ashford’s Heritage

Ashford Museum has created a website to provide information about Ashford’s historical buildings and other aspects of Ashford’s Heritage. It includes an online version of the Ashford Town Centre Heritage Trail.

The site can be found at

You can now try our Heritage Trail Quiz, a Wheels of Time E-badge activity.

Kent Photo Archive

An increasing proportion of Ashford Museum's photographic collection can be viewed on Kent Photo Archive