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We are really keen that you should have the opportunity to visit Ashford Museum and see our collections again, but your health and that of our volunteers is of the utmost important to us.

Although legal restrictions are expected to be lifted we will continue to follow Government and industry guidance and maintain measures to reduce the risk of transmission of Coronavirus between you and other visitors, and between you and our volunteers.

With these and other measures in place the Museum has acquired the Visit Britain ‘We’re Good to Go’ mark and the World Travel and Tourism Council 'Safe Travels' mark. showing that it follows government and industry COVID-19 guidelines, has a Risk Assessment in place and a process to maintain cleanliness and aid social distancing.

We're Good to Go mark

Museum opening hours

We are open from 11 am to 2 pm on Tuesday to Saturday of every week until the end of October.

Please check our Facebook page for details of any changes.

To ensure that our volunteers have sufficient time to clean the Museum without delaying them unduly you will not be able to enter the Museum after 1.30pm.

Your visit might take longer than it would if you could move freely round the Museum so please allow plenty of time.

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Your health

Obviously, you must not visit the Museum

  • if you have symptoms of Coronavirus - a high temperature - a new, continuous cough or a loss of, or change to, your sense of smell or taste
  • if you have taken a test for Coronavirus and it has given a positive result - nor
  • if you have been informed by NHS Test and Trace that you have been in contact with somebody having Coronavirus.

Please, also, do not visit if you have any cough, cold, flu or other infectious condition.

We recommend that you comply with UK Government and NHS advice and take a Covid-19 test prior to visiting the Museum. You can obtain Lateral Flow Test kits from pharmacies, by ordering online from or by phoning 119. You can also book an assisted test at Eurogate Business Park.

Face coverings or gloves

Although the measures we have in place will ensure that the Museum does not become crowded and that 2m distance is maintained between visitors or groups of visitors, regulations require that you wear a face covering when you visit the Museum. Wearing of face coverings is expected to no longer be legally required at the next step of lifting of restrictions. We encourage you to continue to use a face covering in the Museum.

Please follow World Health Organisation advice regarding the use of face coverings.

The World Health Organisation advises that regularly washing (or sanitising) your bare hands offers more protection than wearing rubber gloves.

To prevent cross contamination, if you wear gloves please ensure they are new or sanitised and have not been worn anywhere else before your visit to the Museum.

Arriving as a group

We ask that if you come to the Museum in a group there are no more than six people, all from the same household or bubble, in your group and that your group stays together during your visit.

Group of five


The slideshow below shows what to expect when you visit the Museum


To reduce the risk of transmission of the virus via surfaces we will provide sanitiser to cleanse your hands on arrival at the Museum, nevertheless we ask that you avoid touching display cases and any exhibits not in cases as far as is practical.

All surfaces that can be touched are cleaned daily. Surfaces such as buttons and handles on interactive displays and handrails are cleaned as often as is practical during the time the Museum is open.

Because it will be difficult to achieve physical distancing our first floor is closed. Access has been restricted to some hard to clean surfaces and small objects. Please do not enter the restricted areas and do not touch articles in those areas.

Sanitiser will also be available as you leave the Museum.

Please follow UK Government advice and wash your hands thoroughly when you return home.

NHS Test and Trace check-in

We will continue to follow Government guidance and ask that all visitors check-in to support NHS Test and Trace.

You must either:

  • Scan our NHS Test and Trace QR Code using the NHS Covid-19 App, or
  • Complete a contact details form

We do not receive any information when you scan the QR Code. The details collected on the form will not be divulged to any person or organisation other than as required by legislation. The details will be destroyed when no longer required for NHS Test and Trace.

One-way and physical distancing

Although physical distancing will not be a statutory requirement, it remains the most effective way of reducing the spread of Coronavirus. We will continue to try to maintain a distance of at least 2m between visitors and between visitors and volunteers. To help us to do this we have divided the Museum into Zones and created a one-way system round the Museum.

You will be required to follow the one-way system and will not be permitted to move into a Zone if there is already another visitor or visitor group in that Zone. Signs will tell you when you are moving from one Zone to the next. When you have left a Zone you will not be able to return to it.

Our volunteers may wear faceshields to reduce the risk on occasions that 2m distancing cannot be maintained. Nevertheless please do not get nearer to them than 2m if you can avoid it.

If you use a wheelchair or walking aid you will not be able to follow the one-way system as it includes a step. Volunteers will direct you and ask other visitors to stand back while you pass against the one-way system.

Because you will leave the Museum by a different door to that by which you enter it we cannot accommodate the storage of buggies, push chairs or prams during your visit.

2m distancing
One way arrow


Because you will not be permitted to enter the Museum if a previous visitor or group is in the First Zone, it is possible that at busy times you will have to queue before entering the Museum. Please keep your group together in the queue, stay 2m away from other visitors/visitor groups and keep close to the wall, to allow pedestrians to pass, when queuing.


To avoid the need for our volunteers to handle cash we will be selling some souvenirs, books and cards but can only accept payment by card, Apple and Google Pay. The minimum payment we can accept is £1.00.

We will continue to accept cash donations via the donation boxes in the Museum, as we can manage the risk of handling cash more easily when we empty the donation boxes with no visitors present. Alternatively we can now accept donations by card, Apple and Google Pay or you can donate via Virgin Money Giving


It is not practical for us to provide visitor toilets at the Museum.

The nearest toilets in the Ashford Borough Council Community Toilet Scheme are at:

  • The Pheonix, Tufton Street
  • County Square, Tufton Street

Both have disabled toilets


Donations of artefacts

Please do not bring artefacts that you wish to donate to the Museum during open hours. Contact us to make arrangements to donate artefacts